Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Another Halloween has come and gone. We got up this morning and went and got some more pumpkins..I think that makes 14 we got this year! The boys love drawing faces on them so Kenny can carve them. We are going to try to plant a pumpkin patch at the ranch next year, then we can have as many pumpkins as we want! :) I worked this afternoon at A&W and we had to dress up..ugh! So I braided my hair in 2 braids, put some Oregon stickers under my eyes and threw on a football jersey. Wa-la..I'm dressed and totally sporting the best team around! Ha! :) Kenny and the kids picked me up after work and we headed to the Boys and Girls club trunk or treat. The kids got lots of was pretty busy! After that we headed to the Avenues and stayed out till it was way past dark. We have SO much candy now..enough to last us until next year that's for sure! I will post pics of the boys later.
I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner! Kenny and I were talking today about what we want to get the kids. I think we decided that we're going to get them a power wheels gator to use on the farm! They need something to get themselves around that place! lol We have to find something that will fit all 3 of them, so we shall see! I'm dying to get the boys some little dirt bikes, we have a perfect place for them to set up a little track...OH there is so much fun ahead!! :) We are AMAZINGLY blessed to given this awesome experience we are about to embark on!! We felt like we were down and out for a while there but since I have left Lowe's and started school, began the journey of bettering myself, things just keep getting better and better! I can't wait to see whats coming up!


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