Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last soccer game of the season..

Today was our last soccer game...YEESSSSS!! We let Riley dress down and play with us today, he did such a good job!! Here are some pictures of the game..

Riley as goalie
Playing defense
Good Game, good game!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Dogs :)

Our new dog "Jack" Frost

and this is our other dog "chewy"


Well the lactose free milk is a hit! Taylor slept SO much better last night! Poor lil girl has had a gut ache the last 3 weeks. Levi was on lactose free milk until he was 18 months old. So we'll probably try to regular milk when she gets to be about that age.
We turned off our cell phones a few days ago because I was tired of paying so much money for them. We got a land line and I thought all was well..nope! We had a few family members not too happy with us about our we are now getting the cell phones We jumped onto my moms plan and created a family plan. So now we will have basic cells for "safety" reasons and a land line. We have the same numbers on the cell phone, hopefully that will ease some of the confusion, since I already sent out a email saying we had shut off the cell phones..LOL
We also are getting a new bed!! We are so totally stoked about that! Its been a long time coming! We decided "new ranch bed!" Kenny really needs a nice bed for his back, and I was starting to hurt from our mattress..which btw is like 20 years old!! So our new bed should be delivered about the time we move to the ranch..I can hardly wait! :)
We've started packing up the house again..not so fun! Good news is, a lot of our stuff is still in boxes and we reserved a U-haul for this that will be SO much easier than using our durango. We had a walk through of the new house yesterday and Kenny got a tour of the ranch. We have some big jobs ahead of us but we also have some FUN times ahead! I am excited for the kids to have 37 acres to play on!

The new ranch

This a cabin that is on the ranch. It was built for the previous owners grand kids. It has bunk beds in it :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Busy..and tired

Another eventful week in the Gaskey Family book! Here's a quick look...

-Taylor has not slept well since we switched her to whole milk, so we are now trying lactose free milk. I pray that it works cause I NEED SLEEP!!!

-I canceled all of this weeks soccer practices cause I was fed up with no one showing up. So our last game is Saturday and then we are all done..thank god!!

-We are set to move to the ranch November 20th, and then we are having a big Thanksgiving dinner there..hopefully we'll find all the dishes we need! Haha

-I fly out a week from today to sunny and warm Arizona. It's in the mid 80's there right jealous! :)

-My grandparents are here from Arizona right now and today we are all meeting at the ranch to get some lessons on how to run the thing. 37 acres is a lot of land to keep up!

-I am have mid terms next week...arghhh! Cross your fingers I do well!

-Halloween is Sunday. The boys have their outfits..Levi is Iron man and Riley is either Bumble Bee or Optimus Prime. Taylor is going to be a Pumpkin cute!

That's all the news for now..or all that I can think of at this moment. Hope you are all well and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall is here!

Wow. We had some crazy weather today! Rain, wind, sunshine and it was really cold. Autumn is officially here! I love it too, I am so ready for cooler weather.

Levi had a soccer game on Saturday and the team played SO good! We only had 5 kids show up (out of 9) and they all played hard the whole game. Its tough playing a 50 minute game with no subs! We have 2 more practices and then our last game is on Saturday October 30th.

We got a new dog on Saturday after the game and he is a fitting in very well. He is a 2 year old pure breed Australian Sheppard. He is almost pure white with super light blue eyes. He is deaf because of his colors, but it doesn't slow him down one bit. He lives for Frisbee and fetch and can jump right around 6 feet in the air to catch his toys..its pretty amazing! The boys are totally in love with him!

Saturday night was girls night and we headed to Eugene for the Olive Garden. It was very yummy and we had a lot of laughs with our drinks and dinner. After dinner we headed to the mall to do some shopping..of course! :) I got a new camo and pink wallet and a few new shirts. We came home at a decent hour like good girls and we're already planning our next night out...tattoos!! :)

I worked today and it was a lazy day for the rest of the family. Tomorrow its back to the grind at school and the truck shop. Hope everyone has a great week!