Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mellow yellow

Things are starting to mellow out in my life and I very much enjoy that! I have learned how to juggle everything that is going on and how to spread myself among everything and everyone..but while still keeping my sanity! I am starting to change some things at the truck shop that will make my job there SO much easier! Soccer is wrapping up and although its been a challenge dealing with rude parents..overall its been a fun season, Levi has improved his skills and is quite the little soccer player now! He cant wait for next season! I am still at A&W 2 days a week and I secretly enjoy going to work..just to get away and have a little fun with my co-workers. The Ducks play on Thursday this week and its a "yellow out"! You can bet your bottom I will be wearing the brightest yellow I can find! The game is also going to be in 3-D, how cool is that!? Saturday we have a early soccer game (9:30am) and then its family day with Jody and the Breslaw family. Saturday night its girls night and we're heading to Eugene for some Olive Garden! Yum!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My soccer pro!

We had a game tonight and Levi did awesome and scored a goal! :) He is really enjoying playing soccer and we love watching him improve every game!

We didn't win but we don't focus on's just about having fun and learning how to work as a team! :)