Friday, November 19, 2010


So tomorrow is the big day! It's moving day!! We pick up our U-haul at 9:30am and then its go time. My grandma is taking the boys to see the movie "MegaMind" in the afternoon. We figured it would be a nice break for us and something fun for them. We are all very excited to get moved in!! Here are a few other things we've been doing since I blog last....

-I've decided to take a full time job at the truck shop and not go back to school next term.
-Kenny has decided not to ref for the boys and girls club this year, he is going to play city league basketball instead
-I had a girls night with 5 girls from a&w. We all met at one house and hung out for hours! We laughed until we cried and it was a blast!
-Taylor is sleeping better! We have had to cut all dairy out of her diet. Levi also was lactose intolerant until he was around 18 months, so I hope she also out grows hers too.