Thursday, November 11, 2010


UGH..that sums up my week..

Taylor is still sleeping horrible and its KILLING me! The doctor can't get her in until I still have some hell to go thru. We have tried everything with her and nothing seems to work, if you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know!

Her new haircut...just her bangs :)

Riley had had his check up on Monday and he is doing great! He is in the 95% for his height and weight. His BMI is on the healthy range, the doc says he's just going to be one BIG boy! He knew his colors and shapes and passed all of his 4 year old tests. He even got a new book, which he loved! He did have to get 2 shots, but he is now all done and both the boys don't need shots again until they are 11!! Phew!

Levi is doing awesome in school this year! We are so glad we decided to hold him back a year, it is proving to be a good choice. He is working on writing his first and last name, while the rest of the class is still working on writing their first names. Its been a good boost to his ego that he is doing so well, especially since he struggled so much last year.

We have a little over a week before we move..let the packing begin..(a lil late of a start, I know!) We are SO excited to get moved and settled into our new farm. We have some fun plans and great memories ahead!! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Back..

Well I just got home from Arizona earlier this afternoon. It was a quick trip, but nice and relaxing. It was in the mid 80's during the day, perfect weather if you ask me! Kenny the kids survived while I was gone, although I think I was very much missed. I had good flights to and from AZ and I took a few pics of us flying into Portland today.

I have a very busy week ahead (shocking..I know). I've got school, some major catch up to do at the truck shop, 3 night shifts at the dub and a wedding Saturday. OH and Riley has a check up tomorrow annnnd he has shots :( Not going to be fun!