Monday, December 6, 2010

Life on the farm!

Taylor working with us in the fields!

So life has been busy now that we're all moved in. There is so much to do on such a big chunk of property, even with no animals out in the pastures. We usually walk the property fence line every day, its really fun for the kids and good exercise for Kenny and I. We broke down a beaver dam today, those suckers can do a lot of damage to trees and making the creek flood into the pastures.
 I am now officially done with Fall term at lbcc. I am glad to be done with that! Homework and studying is not for me! LOL It's now time to focus on having some fun on the farm..oh maybe a little on work! Hehe
We ordered the boys Christmas presents (MP3 players) a few days ago, we have to find Taylor something and then get their stocking stuffers. I love that my family focuses on fun traditions and making memories, instead of Black Friday crap and "who gets the better presents" ect.
And of course I have to mention that the Ducks won the civil war. It was a very good game!!! But in the end, the better team won. I love how some Beaver fans still continue to trash talk the Ducks, its like they just can't admit that the Ducks are one hell of a football team. The Ducks will never get the credit they deserve. Oh well..I'm a Duck fan for life! Always have been, always will be!! :)
Hope everyone is enjoying the this holiday season!! Be looking for our Christmas card in the mail soon! :)

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