Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pretty sad...

Okay, so sometimes I get on Facebook..cause I kinda miss it..and that's how I see what everyone else is doing..haha! But sometimes its so depressing for to see what some of my friends are doing with their lives! We are not 20 anymore..we're getting real damn close to 30. So why do some people think its okay to party at the bar every weekend?! Even more disturbing is the ones that have kids, first of all..where are their kids and second, what are you teaching them? Now I've done my fair share of the bar scene, but that was in the past and I have decided to put my family first. There is nothing but trouble and drama at the Sweet Home bars, why do some think its sooo cool to be down there?! Idk, it just makes me sad that they are wasting their lives away and every minute they spend out partying is another minute their missing out on being with their kids and or family. They'll look back someday and really regret that.

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